Building and Facility Management

GermaniumWeb can power applications that help you manage your buildings and facilities.

GermaniumWeb-powered real estate management systems provide an intuitive and wholistic view of all information relating to every unit and any location in a building, by consolidating all informational flows into the digital 3D building model.


  • Wholistic awareness and organization of building information - for example, facility managers are able to identify fault locations in different parts of the building instantly. Building managers are able to obtain an instant view of tenancy take-up and leasing status for the entire building to facilitate decision making.
  • Consolidated building layout - multiple floorplan drawings are consolidated into one single 3D building model, making the floorplans more intuitive, easier and faster to read.
  • Effective communication - GermaniumWeb’s 3D building platform enables effective and efficient communication and status tracking of rectification works both within the building management team as well as between the building manager and the works contractors.

Featured Application: Real Estates Management System (REMS), by iBase Pte Ltd

For more information on the REMS solution, read REMS Product Fact Sheet (738 KB).

GermaniumWeb enhances the REMS in two aspects. Firstly from the Facility Management stand point, the fault locations can be quickly identified, hence reducing the response and rectification time needed. From the Property Lease Management view, the GermaniumWeb 3D modeling provide a pictorial insight into the units take-up rate and necessary leasing information. All these information are provided real-time to the 3D modeling.

- Mr. Willie Lian, Project Director, iBase Pte Ltd

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