Building Security Management

GermaniumWeb can power applications that provide integrated views of security situations for better security management.

GermaniumWeb-powered applications provide an integrated security view by integrating, either uni- or bi-directionally, the position-based data feeds from security devices and sensors, such as CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and access control systems, into digital 3D building models.


  • Immediate access to building layout - the use of 3D building models is intuitive for users who are not technically trained in reading detailed floorplan drawings.
  • Concurrent awareness - GermaniumWeb enables the awareness of both the security situation and the building layout at the same time.
  • Higher operational effectiveness - GermaniumWeb enables better organization of security information based on spatial relationships to in-building locations or levels.
  • Better decision-making and response

Featured Application: 3D CCTV Monitoring Solution

The featured solution creates the 3D vicinity and in-building models of buildings in Marina Bay, Singapore, and integrates CCTV camera feeds with buildings and their interiors to provide integrated and concurrent situation awareness. The integration is bi-directional, enabling the user to both receive a selected camera feed in the 3D scene and control the camera's PTZ parameters within the same view.

The 3D CCTV monitoring command view by GermaniumWeb facilitates and allows us to view our area of operation in 3-dimension and in different perspectives, allowing us to better appreciate and navigate our area of operation.

- Major Eric Goh, Dy Chairman,
Communication and Multimedia Committee NDP 09

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Complementary Products

GermaniumWeb has been deployed with the following partner product(s), which you may consider when deploying your building security management solutions:

  • Axis IP cameras (supporting MJPEG/HTTP or MPEG4/Axis ActiveX)

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