Marketing and Showcase Presentations

GermaniumWeb can power interactive presentations that market and showcase new buildings or facilities. Marketers can use GermaniumWeb presentations to integrate various messaging media and present key features of new building facilities interactively.


  • Interactive perspectives - audience will be able to interactively navigate and see different perspectives of the building at any time.
  • Contextual presentation - audience will be able to easily appreciate the presented information in the context of the building location.
  • Media embedding - presenters can easily embed their existing media resources ( photo, text information, video ) and link them to specific locations in the building.

Featured Application: Showcase of Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine Centre

For more information on our HDMC solution, read The HDMC Case Study (2381KB).

The 3D in-building engine Germanium used in developing the 3D HDMC Visitor Tour was an outstanding way to showcase our hyperbaric and diving centre. The faithful 3 dimensional reproduction of the centre gives the viewer an unprecedented sense of realism that other media could not possibly replicate. This is a fantastic tool that will give the user maximum impact.

- Dr Soh Chai Rick, Medical Director, Hyperbaric & Diving Medicine Centre

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