Visitor Applications

GermaniumWeb can power applications that help you manage or serve visitors.

A GermaniumWeb-powered visitor guide helps visitors locate shops and facilities easily within a public place, such as a shopping mall. It orientates the visitor easily, through real-world 3D depictions of the shopping mall as well as intuitive navigation techniques.

For on-site deployment, the visitor guide can be integrated with a touch-screen kiosk to serve as a visually impressive, cutting-edge 3D building directory.


  • Visitors find their locations easily - saves time and effort.
  • Customer service officers have a useful tool to help in explaining directions.
  • Online visitors can explore and learn more about the building before visiting physically.

Featured Application: 3D Visitor Guide @ Fusionopolis F11, Singapore

Contact Information:

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Complementary Products

For visitor applications, GermaniumWeb has been tested with the following partner products:

  • Samsung
    320TSn, 400TSn,
    460Tsn, 700Tsn
    Touchscreen series

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