The main use of GermaniumWeb is to view and manipulate buildings. You can add a building to the 3D scene by first loading a building file. After you load such a file, you can operate on parts of the building; add placemarks or lines and polygons; move the Eye around the building; and view a cross section of the scene.

A building viewed in GermaniumWeb

Loading a building file

You can load a building file using Load(). This is an asynchronous function which will load the building file in the background and inform you when it is done.

It accepts 4 parameters:

Source: buildings example

// Will be called if loading finishes successfully
function LoadOk()
	alert('Loading successful!');
// Will be called if loading fails
function LoadFail(errMsg, errCode)
	alert('Loading failed. Error code: ' + errCode + '; message: ' + errMsg);
// Load a building file
	null, LoadOk, LoadFail);

Building, Block, Level (BBL)

GermaniumWeb models the 3D scene as follows:

We refer to this scene organization as the BBL (Building, Block, Level). The term BBL object refers to an object that may be a building, a block, or a level.

The BBL helps you to access the content of a building file. For example, you can tell GermaniumWeb to show only a specific level.

Levels other than the level with the BBL Id "L02" are hidden.

Source: buildings example

var building = germ.GetBuildingByIndex(0);
var block = building.GetBlockByBBLId("OFFICE");
var level = block.GetLevelByBBLId("L02");

You can see more examples in our Interactive Samples.

Building placement

When loading a building file, GermaniumWeb currently places building(s) into the 3D scene such that the origin of the file coincides with the origin of the native space. In a future release, the API will give you more control over the building's position.

Creating a building file

You can create your own building files using the tools provided at the Building Creator Network.


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