Clip Planes



A clip plane temporarily cuts through the scene and shows the cross-section of the scene. A clip plane is represented by:

A clip plane is represented by a point & 3 vectors

A clip plane extends to infinity. You can use up to 6 clip planes.

Enabling a clip plane

To use a clip plane, we do the following steps:

  1. get a clip plane,
  2. show the clip plane (optional, useful during development),
  3. enable the clip plane.
A clip plane: (left) clipping is disabled; (right) clipping is enabled
// Callback function that will be called after building is loaded
function LoadOkCallback()
	// Get a clip plane
	var cplane = germ.GetClipPlane(0);
	// Show the clip plane
	// Enable the clip plane
// Load a building
	null, LoadOkCallback);

When enabled, a hidden clip plane still cuts the scene.

Adjusting position & orientation

You can adjust a clip plane through the API:

var cplane = germ.GetClipPlane(0);
// Adjust clip plane
cplane.SetPosition(10, 0, 0);
cplane.SetOrientation(0, Germanium.DegreeToRadian(45), Germanium.DegreeToRadian(10));

The following code demonstrates that you can achieve the equivalent of SetOrientation() using RotateAroundRightVector(), RotateAroundUpVector(), & RotateAroundNormalVector().

var cplane = germ.GetClipPlane(1);
// Adjust clip plane
cplane.Move(germ.CreateVector3(0, 0, -10));
cplane.SetNormal(0, 0, 1);
cplane.RotateAroundRightVector(0);				// X component of SetOrientation()
cplane.RotateAroundUpVector(Germanium.DegreeToRadian(45));	// Y component
cplane.RotateAroundNormalVector(Germanium.DegreeToRadian(10));	// Z component
cplane.EnableClipping();	// make this clip plane look different from the one in previous example
Tip: Refer to the Coordinate System article to learn how GermaniumWeb represents position.



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