Here are a number of web applications showing what you can use GermaniumWeb for.

You may also want to have a look at the following programming samples for the Developer Guide.

Other Resources

You may also like to refer to the following sites for examples. Note that these sites are neither owned nor supported by GermaniumWeb.

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API Key Registration

Developer Guide
- Introduction
- Buildings
- Point Placemarks
- Line & Polygon      PlacemarksUpdated
- Model Placemarks New
- HTMLBoxes New
- Eye Control
- Clip Planes
- Events
- Coordinate System
- Navigation Modes
- Options

API Documentation

- Applications Gallery
- Hello Germanium
- Interactive samples

More Resources
- API Release Notes
- Developer FAQ
- "A Beginner's Guide" slides
- Training Materials
- Icon Gallery
- Sample Buildings
- BBL Tree

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