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Start here if you are creating web pages that use GermaniumWeb. You can learn technical details needed to use the GermaniumWeb plugin in your application.


What is the GermaniumWeb API?

The GermaniumWeb API enables you to add 3D building functionality on your web page.

More precisely, the API enables your JavaScript to use the GermaniumWeb plugin. It is the plugin that allows you to embed a 3D building complex on your web page, in a manner analogous to the Adobe Flash Player1 plugin enabling you to embed videos.

Visitors to your website will need to install the GermaniumWeb plugin to view 3D building scenes. Again, this is analogous to the requirement to install the Flash Player plugin to view Flash videos.

Examples of applications you can build using the GermaniumWeb API are building directories, CCTV visualization systems, tenant management systems, and asset tracking systems.

Any examples I can try out?

Yes, you can try out our sample applications.

How do I use GermaniumWeb?

  1. Register for an API key (you need to log in to do this).
  2. Read the Developer Guide to start using the API.
  3. Have a look at our sample applications.
  4. Refer to the API documentation as you develop your own web application.

1 Adobe Flash is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

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API Key Registration

Developer Guide
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- Buildings
- Point Placemarks
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- HTMLBoxes New
- Eye Control
- Clip Planes
- Events
- Coordinate System
- Navigation Modes
- Options

API Documentation

- Applications Gallery
- Hello Germanium
- Interactive samples

More Resources
- API Release Notes
- Developer FAQ
- "A Beginner's Guide" slides
- Training Materials
- Icon Gallery
- Sample Buildings
- BBL Tree

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