Training Materials


This section contains links to the tools and materials used in the training sessions for the code::XtremeApps:: 2010 competition.

code::XtremeApps:: is a 24-hour programming competition organised by the Information Technology Standards Committee (ITSC). The 2010 edition of the competition featured GermaniumWeb as one of the development technologies.

Training Samples

This is the training samples application used to introduce important GermaniumWeb concepts to the participants. It also enabled them to learn by exploration during the 'hands-on' portion of the training.

Training Sampler
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These are the presentation slides used during the training sessions:

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The video recordings of the training sessions are also available for viewing on YouTube. The session has been broken into 10 clips, listed below:

  1. Introduction
  2. Buildings
  3. Buildings, the Eye, 3D Coordinate System
  4. The Eye - gliding
  5. The Eye, How do I get the position to glide to, Events
  6. Placemarks - diamond, icon
  7. Placemarks - icon, line, polygon
  8. Placemarks - content, Other API features
  9. Web Development Issues - architecture, common tasks
  10. How to Bring Your Own Building

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API Key Registration

Developer Guide
- Introduction
- Buildings
- Point Placemarks
- Line & Polygon      PlacemarksUpdated
- Model Placemarks New
- HTMLBoxes New
- Eye Control
- Clip Planes
- Events
- Coordinate System
- Navigation Modes
- Options

API Documentation

- Applications Gallery
- Hello Germanium
- Interactive samples

More Resources
- API Release Notes
- Developer FAQ
- "A Beginner's Guide" slides
- Training Materials
- Icon Gallery
- Sample Buildings
- BBL Tree

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