GermaniumWeb 1.33 Release Notes

New Features:

  1. Added an initialization progress bar. Also optimized initialization for a smoother start up, especially after a reboot.
  2. Added ability to configure the mouse sensitivity and first-person walking speeds in the user settings panel (Right click > Settings > User Interface).
  3. Added grid scale to bottom-left when the grid is displayed. This replaces the version number. To check your GermaniumWeb version now, see Right click > Settings > About.


  1. Updated to work on Internet Explorer 9.
  2. Updated to work on Google Chrome 10.
  3. Made overlapping placemark labels easier to read by fading out the ones behind.
  4. Made partially-overlapped icon placemarks easier to see.
  5. Made it impossible to accidentally rotate the view upside-down. Now when you go upside-down, the view will spring back. Note that some web applications may override this behavior.


  1. When GermaniumWeb failed to initialize the 3D hardware, in some rare cases it would crash. Now it fails gracefully with an error message.