End User FAQ
1. Installation top
1.1 Where do I download Windows Installer 3.1?
1.2 Where do I download the .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1?
1.3 Can I install .NET Framework 3.0 instead of 2.0 Service Pack 1?
1.4 Can I install .NET Framework 3.5 instead of 2.0 Service Pack 1?
2. System Requirements top
2.1 Which web browsers are currently supported for GermaniumWeb ?
2.2 Which operating systems are currently supported for GermaniumWeb ?
2.3 What are the minimum system requirements for GermaniumWeb ?
2.4 How do I check whether I'm using 32-bit color?
2.5 How do I check what video card I have?
3. Usage top
3.1 Why do I see squares or question marks instead of placemark names?
Developer FAQ
1. General top
1.1 How do I report bugs? What information do I include?
1.2 I have a usage question. Where should I look?
1.3 My question is not listed here. Whom should I contact?
1.4 How can I create my own buildings?
2. Integration top
2.1 Why doesn't the GermaniumWeb plugin show after I embed it?
2.2 When I view GermaniumWeb embedded in a local HTML file with Internet Explorer, the Information Bar appears. Can I prevent this?
2.3 Why do I get the Javascript error ' ''Line 2 Char 1: Invalid character'' '?
2.4 Can I place HTML elements on top of GermaniumWeb plugin?
3. API Usage top
3.1 Which version of the API should I target?
3.2 How do I check that the API was successfully retrieved?
3.3 How do I hide the GermaniumWeb plugin?
3.4 When I open a placemark callout that contains an image, the callout is too small and has scrollbars. Can I make the callout properly sized?
3.5 Why does the Eye's Z-orientation rotate back to 0 after I set it to something else?
Licensing FAQ
1. General top
1.1 Is the GermaniumWeb API free for use ?
1.2 When will I need to purchase a commercial API license ?
Building Creator FAQ
1. General top
1.1 What kind of buildings can I create?
1.2 Can I view the Building I have created without uploading it?
2. KML Building Importer top
2.1 Where do I get the KML Importer?
2.2 I am having trouble loading my KML file in GermaniumWeb. What should I do?
2.3 Can I load .kmz files?
2.4 Can I export the building models from Google Earth into a KML file and load it in GermaniumWeb?
3. Germanium Building Composer top
3.1 What are the minimum system requirements for Building Composer?
3.2 What geometry file formats are accepted by Building Composer?
3.3 Why is my building lighter/darker in GermaniumWeb than it is in my modeling package?
3.4 Where do I add the COLLADA file containing the terrian/environment for my scene?
3.5 Building Composer displayed a pop-up error message. What should I do?
3.6 How do I delete a building/block/level in Building Composer?