Icon Gallery

GermaniumWeb allows you to use icons as placemarks. To get you started, you may use the icons below in your web application.

To use these icons, you specify their URL and hotspot location using JavaScript. For example, to use the blank_blue icon (the first one below) which has its hotspot at the balloon tip, you need

  • its URL: http://www.germanium3d.com/res/icons/blank_blue.png
  • its hotspot location: "50%", "31px"

The following JavaScript code snippet creates a placemark with the above icon (it assumes that you use the variable "germ" to store the GermaniumWeb plugin object):

For your convenience, we have included code snippets for all the icons below. Click any icon to update the snippet above, which you can then copy and paste into your application. These snippets can also be pasted and run directly in the Interactive Sampler.

If you are using Internet Explorer, the snippet will automatically be copied to the clipboard when you click the links.

You can learn more about creating basic placemarks from the Placemarks article.


General - Colored

General - Monotone


Alphabets - Colored

Alphabets - Monotone