Germanium General Privacy Policy

Updated 05 June, 2009


This General Privacy Policy aims to help you learn about the types of information we collect when you use our Germanium website, our GermaniumWeb plugin software and related website services. It also shares with you how we properly use the collected information.

We set out our Privacy Policy as follows:


Website Browsing

1.1 IF you are only browsing our website for informational purposes, we do not capture data that enables us to personally identify you.
1.2 However, we do use site analytics services that enable us to capture information on site usage and visitor profiles so as to provide a better site experience. Such information will not contain personally identifiable information.


Registering and Using Your Account

2.1 IF you are registering for a user account, you will be required to provide us with your name, your email address, your organisation ( collectively known as Account Information ).
2.2 If you are signing up for an API key, you will also be required to provide us with the website url for your API implementation as additional information for Account Information.
2.3 Your Account Information is stored in our database and will only be used to facilitate private correspondence between you and G Element.
2.4 We may also send you notices and updates from time to time, using your email address.
2.5 To facilitate user experience on our Site, we use cookies and log files to track site usage. We use a persistent session cookie to enable you to be automatically logged on when you re-visit our website. The persistent session cookie is terminated when you are logged off.


Accessing Third-Party Applications

3.1 IF you have installed our GermaniumWeb Plugin previously and are now accessing a Germanium-powered Third-Party Application via the GermaniumWeb Plugin,
3.2 We do not capture any personally identifiable information about you.
3.3 We will only capture the following License and Version Information:
(i)   the website url of the Third-Party Application,
(ii)  its alphanumeric API key from the code of its web pages,
(iii) the version of your GermaniumWeb Plugin Software,
(iv) your operating system type, version and service pack number
(v)  your web browser user agent string
3.4 The website url and the API key are used to validate the use of your installed GermaniumWeb plugin and API on the Third-Party Application.
3.5 The GermaniumWeb Plugin version information is used to inform you of software updates (if any).
3.6 The operating system and browser information are collected solely for purpose of site analytics and do not personally identify you as an individual.


Non-sharing of information

4.1 We respect your personal information and will not share or distribute any personal information to any third-party without your permission, except when required by law.



5.1 We take appropriate steps to maintain the security of your account information on germanium3d.com.
5.2 Your account information is stored in a secure database in a protected network.
5.3 However, due to the open nature of the Internet, we do not guarantee that the information may not be breached, accessed, altered or destroyed, despite the presence of security measures.
5.4 In the event of an information breach, we will undertake to notify you by email in the shortest time possible.


Links to Third-party Websites

6.1 Our website may contain hyperlinks to third-party websites which may have differing data protection and privacy practices. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of the third-party websites and encourage you to read their respective privacy policies.


Changes to Privacy Policy

7.1 G Element reserves the right to make changes to the General Privacy Policy from time to time. You are encouraged to review the General Privacy Policy as posted on the website from time to time.