File Migration Guide

Issues with setting up data files for GermaniumWeb

Absolute and relative file references

A single GermaniumWeb building data comprises multiple files, such as geometry file, texture files etc. These files can refer to each other using a combination of relative and absolute file paths.

You can learn more about the .kml files and .xlcl files created by Building Composer in their respective sections.


In general, GermaniumWeb does not allow loading of local files for security reasons. However, to allow developers and building creators to be able to easily preview their building scene in GermaniumWeb, beginning with plugin version 1.27, GermaniumWeb allows loading of local files when the plugin is embedded in a local HTML file. In other words, only when the .html file containing the GermaniumWeb application is located on the local hard drive, then you can pass in file paths that point to local files, such as "c:\Building.kml", into the Load function.

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File Migration Guide

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