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What data do I need to create for GermaniumWeb?

GermaniumWeb lets you display 3D models of your building in a virtual world. To work with these models, GermaniumWeb uses the concept of Buildings, Blocks and Levels (BBL). The BBL is built upon the 3D models of your scene, giving the models specific meaning in the scene context. Developers can then ask GermaniumWeb to perform operations based on the BBL, for example, hide levels above 'level one' of the 'Main office' block, or retrieve the description of this shopping mall building.

How can I create data for GermaniumWeb?

You can use the KML Building Importer to create simple datasets quickly and easily. Alternatively, you can use the Germanium Building Composer which allows you to import full-3D COLLADA datasets from your favorite 3D modeling package.

KML Building Importer

With GermaniumWeb's built-in KML Building Importer, you can import .KML files to create a stack of building floorplans. Use freely available tools like Google Earth1 to add your floorplan images as KML image overlays and create your buildings now!

Start with the step-by-step KML Building Importer tutorial to create your first building, or you can read the User Guide to learn the details.

Germanium Building Composer

If you already have a complete 3D model of your building, use them in your applications and make full use of GermaniumWeb's 3D visual rendering features. The Building Composer tool helps you to easily compose your geometry files with BBL information to use with GermaniumWeb.

Find out more at the Building Composer page.

1 Google™ and Google Earth™ are registered trademarks of Google Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

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