This section covers some of the common issues you may face when using Building Composer.

Building Composer reports that "there are missing textures" during export.

Building Composer cannot locate your texture images. To resolve this, either:

Note: By doing this, you are by-passing the filename case checking done by Building Composer during export, and your exported file may not load correctly on some case-sensitive servers.

I can only see my double-sided faces from one side

Your COLLADA exporter probably does not export double-Sided materials. Try this workaround to manually specify the double-sided property.

I loaded my model in GermaniumWeb but do not see anything or only see the semi-transparent surfaces, but there were no errors reported

There are some compatibility issues with certain COLLADA exporters, such as Autodesk COLLADA, that results in opaque models becoming transparent when imported into Building Composer. Try the workaround here.

I used an opacity map to texture the model, but it does not show up correctly.

Building Composer has a restriction on the use of opacity maps. When an opacity map is specified, it has to be the same as the diffuse texture map, in other words, the alpha channel of the diffuse texture will be used as the opacity map.

The exported model has odd/missing faces that were not in the original model

This may be caused by your COLLADA exporter using polygons or polylists to export the model. Polygon and polylist support is only experimental now, and you may occasionally encounter inaccurate geometry after exporting. To workaround this, try one of the following:

My textures have colored artifacts when loaded in GermaniumWeb

If your textures have colored artifacts when loaded in GermaniumWeb, but not when viewed in an image viewer, this is likely due to GermaniumWeb's runtime texture compression. This feature improves performance at the cost of slightly reduced image quality. Beginning from plugin 1.31, the plugin user can turn this off.

Banding artifacts.

I might have found a bug in Building Composer.

My question is not covered here

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